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Stainless barrels

Preparation of the Stainless Barrel

Necessary Tools

・Scissors or utility knife
For unpacking and cutting the ropes.
・Packing tape
To use when necessary to secure the rope.

Instructions and Warnings for preparation


Unpack the decorative barrel from the bag.
If you purchased the separately sold lid, the lid packed in cardboard will be attached on top of the barrel. Please cut the yellow packing band and detach the lid.

2.Cutting the rope

A thick rope crosses in the middle of the stainless barrel. Please cut the area close to the knot.

3.Setting the stainless barrel

Remove the stainless barrel.
Fold the rope into the barrel, and then set the stainless barrel on top of the barrel.
The rope may become loose while setting the stainless barrel.

4.Please enjoy to Kagamibiraki