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About us

Since Kichiji Kishimoto founded Kishimoto Kichiji Shoten as the founder and began to produce Komonawa (rope made of Zizania latifolia ) at full scale in 1900, m ore than 100 years have passed.

Since 1989, the demand for Komodaru barrel has been sluggish along with the decrease of sake demand. Furthermore, due to the impact of the Great Hanshin Earthquake, around 10 companies which used to produce Komonawa mainly in Hyogo prefecture have decreased to only 3 now in Japan. Kishimoto Kichiji Shoten is the largest producer to supply more t han half of Komodaru barrels currently found in Japan including sake barrels dedicated to shrines.

Komodaru barrels are now widely used for including restaurant events and displays.

CEO Toshihiro Kishimoto