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Masu cup / Cypress / no pattern / 30pcs set


Please choose your ideal size from options when you purchase.
The detail of each size is below.

size L
Place of origin:Hyogo,JAPAN
Material:Natural wood(Japanese cypress)

size M
Place of origin:Hyogo,JAPAN
Material:Natural wood(Japanese cypress)

size S
Place of origin:Hyogo,JAPAN
Material:Natural wood(Japanese cypress)

A plain Masu made from Japanese cypress.
You can fully enjoy the refreshing scent, warm texture, gentle natural color, and the natural wood grain that is unique to Masu.
One of the reasons why Masu is used in congratulatory seats is because of good luck.
The word "Masu" is said to be suitable for the day of Halle, such as "more happiness" and "more and more happy". Furthermore, if you take it home as a souvenir, you will be pleased that it can be used not only for drinking sake but also for a wide range of purposes, such as putting Japanese desserts in it, or making it into an interior or accessory case.
The sizes range from the standard L to the smaller M and S, and there are 3 types to choose from depending on the application and price.
It can be used for various occasions such as toasting sake sets, gifts, and souvenirs for commemorative ceremonies.