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Display Sake-Barrel / Normal Type / Yatsushika / Large 72


Founded in the first year of Ganji (1864) at the end of the Edo period.
It occurred in the Kusu Basin, where the subsoil water that springs out from the beautiful Kujyu mountain range and its rich and clean water flows in.
At that time, Funakoya was named "Funakoya". The storehouse at the time, when the oldest existing Kotee in Kyushu was depicted, still tells the story of its history. The spirit of sake brewing leads to Bushido. God is always by his side and he sees his heart. Sake may be made by serving God. The belief of uncompromising sake brewing is passed down from generation to generation by the hands and hearts of the excellent brewer, and it matures over time and approaches the ideal sake brewing. Today, with the aim of "Jinju", we are working on straight sake brewing with the spirit that beautiful sake brewing is a beautiful heart-making. Jinju: There is a virtue and a long life.

The display GENERIC BARREL is a GENERIC BARREL for the purpose of decorating.
It can be widely used as a Japanese interior and exterior in the shop, as a Japanese production product at the event.
There are many ways to decorate. You can expect a powerful Japanese effect if you simply stack it vertically or in a pyramid shape, or if you arrange it side by side.
Depending on the design and lighting, it can be a calm production and a flashy production.
The large display GENERIC BARREL is a type that can be used as a stand, and there is a type that can be used for the display stand of the product with the upper part is a little delved into.
Because the big one is 60cm in height and the small one is 32.2cm in height,
Please use a little accent according to the application, such as the production of a powerful Japanese.

*Alcohol cannot be placed in THE GENERIC BARREL.
*Rope loosening and damage due to aging, peeling of the material may occur.
*If it is installed outdoors, deterioration may proceed more than expected due to direct sunlight or wind and rain.
*Or put the heavy object on the top, if you apply a strong force, the internal core material will be damaged, there is a possibility that the shape will change.

Product size: Maximum diameter 60 x height 64 cm
Product body weight (kg): 5kg
Packing size (cm): 63 x 63 x 63 cm (octagon for EMS)
Packing weight (kg): 7.5 kg (octagon for EMS)