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Display Sake-Barrel / Normal Type / Takasagoya


Please choose your ideal size from options when you purchase.
The detail of each size is below.

Large 72

Product size: Maximum diameter 60 x height 64 cm
Product body weight (kg): 5kg
Packing size (cm): 63 x 63 x 63 cm (octagon for EMS)
Packing weight (kg): 7.5 kg (octagon for EMS)

Medium 36

Product size: Maximum diameter 50 x height 50 cm
Product body weight (kg): 4.2kg
Packing size (cm): 51.5 x 51.5 x 61 cm
Package weight (kg): 5.5kg

Small 18

Product size: Maximum diameter 40 x height 44 cm
Product body weight (kg): 2.3kg
Packing size (cm): 44 x 44 x 44 cm
Package weight (kg): 3.5kg

Extra small 9

Product size: Maximum diameter 30 x height 32.5 cm
Product body weight (kg): 1.6kg
Packing size (cm): 31 x 31 x 33 cm
Package Weight (kg): 2kg


The design of the kanji character "Kotobuki" was designed by contemporary calligrapher, Ogino Tansetsu. The powerful and bold style of the kanji character is old-fashioned and gives the sake-barrel both a nostalgic and fresh impression.

Display Sake Barrel is for interior/exterior decorations to create a beautiful Japanese vibe. It can be put side by side, piled up like a pyramid, or placed as you like. Also, there are variety of sizes (from 32.2cm to 60cm), and you can choose a suitable one.

*This sake barrel cannot contain sake.
*Ropes and other materials may be damaged or come off due to deterioration over time.
*Keep the item away from direct sunlight or somewhere exposed to the rain and wind.
*Avoid applying strong force and putting heavy stuff on the item.